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  • Desire to play the flute well
  • Practice regularly (daily!)
  • Keep notes about practice in Practice Journal
  • Consider Step-Up Flutes:  Please discuss with me
  • Attend concerts outside of school
  • Listen to classical music CDs
  • Participate in school ensembles, where practical

Maintain mandatory supplies:

  • A flute kept in good working order.  Plan on an annual “clean, oil & adjust”
  • Cleaning rod (wood) and cleaning cloth (silk).  NO FUZZY INSERTS!
  • “Musician’s Practice Planner” notebook, available in the studio
  • Sheet music and books as advised.  Order promptly - See link to FluteWorld.com
  • Music stand and a quiet place or practicing at home
  • Metronome (all students) and Tuner (middle school and up). 

Respect my time and observe my cancellation policy:

  • Ask questions at the beginning of your child’s lesson.
  • Makeup lessons are not possible with my schedule.
  • Credits are not given for missed lessons

Swapping Lessons:  You will receive a copy of my teaching schedule.  If you have a conflict, please call or email another parent/student at least 72 or more hours in advance to negotiate a switch in lesson times for that week.  This is a convenience that you as parents provide to each other on a voluntary basis.  Consider swapping when asked as you may need the same help.  Please let me know what you’ve arranged in case I have a sudden emergency.

Lessons that I must cancel will be rescheduled or credited on the next term. I do appreciate your call when you are not able to attend your lesson.